Passwords and Password Cracking software

Post by TeAmEr ยป 11 Mar 2017, 13:51

*** Password dictionary attacks ***

Cracking passwords with password cracker:
There is a specialized password cracking software, it tries known password and generates possible passwords.
To make the password cracker faster, you need a faster CPU! and a better algorithm.
To get better dictionary of possible passwords, you need a smarter A.I
so to crack password faster:
- Upgrade password cracker
- Upgrade CPU
- Upgrade A.I

Non-Crackable password:
Some gateways/servers (specially those of corporations or organizations) can not be cracked with password cracker. you will have to find the password in the PC of the gateways' system administrator. Simple steps to do it:
- Know who is the system administrator (Use your A.I software to know who he is)
- Know the IP address of the datacenter/ISP (guild gateway) where the system admin have his PC/server hosted
- Destroy the guild/datacenter by using bots
- Once you destroy the guild (more about that in the guild info) get the owners.html file from the datacenter gateway. it will have IPs of all members and clients
- Hack into the sys-admin gateway and get the password.
* some gateways might have 2 sys admins, one has an encrypted file containing the password, the other sys admin have the decryption key for that password file!