“Helloooo everyone!
One day I remembered a game i used to play, called “Uplink” It was an amazing game! I loved the concept and thought maybe i will find something like it for android!
Unfortunately not!  So i decided to build one my self! but with the current technologies and that internet is avaialble to everyone, i thought “Why not to make it an MMO”
And i did!” -Dev  January 19th 2017  (pulled from xda)

This is the first blog post I’m writing so I’ll be short. The quote above is what first turned me into hackerz online.  From what I could tell (even though it was still in development) this app would be wonderful.  And it was. PvP style hacking. Leaderboards. A great community. Are all things you can find on this app. So play it. Play it to win. Take down guilds and build up your software.
PS weboutlaw74 see it’s not hard to write a blog.


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