[tutorial] hacking guide part I Bounce and application areas

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Hi my friends and friends of darkness : Mrgreen: ,

after almost 3 months it's time to revise the first version extensively and I'm afraid
that it will not be the last time. 
Although only two algorithms and a virus have been added since the game started, oh I forgot the Gatesways, but this has led to some tactical shifts, which of course must be fully lit * arg light *: Mrgreen:must. 

How do I connect optimally to the target, directly or via bounce? 

Here I will give you my view on the many little things that have an influence on the probability that your IP will be leaked.
First of all a big compliment to our developer. So far, I have not found a single way to keep IP permanently undetected. Even if you do not hack the IP is leaked after 3 days as a mission. 
So this is not a Altenative, where who downloads a game just to chat or to improve his English. You probably notice so slowly that I consider many parameters and also like to look beyond the edge. 
This article is also less than a guideline for you to see how it would be best, but should show you the advantages and disadvantages of each variant. What you choose as the optimum for you, as always in the eye of the beholder. Since it is always the deepest night in the realm of the shadows, I would anyway be the wrong advisor at "Nullsicht": Mrgreen:

direct connection


Your IP is visible the shortest in the gateway. 
If you are fast, the IP should be deleted after about 8-10 seconds. 

assumed hack time
- 2-3 s connection time to the gateway 
- 3 s PW crack 
- 2-3 s invoke the log and delete the IP 

It is the most convenient option, if you like me on a visit and visit many patients, the infamous Have "Full Miner Syndrome". 


- you are unmasked right away when the player is online, randomly looking in the log and / or watch dog has "WD"and looking at the log due to the message. 

- When using the Target Analizer "TA"lengthens the time that your IP lingers in the log of the target. I would start here about 5 seconds. Keep in mind that this can not only be hacked by the target itself, but also by any player who has the IP of the target. For this reason alone and if you just want to look in the gateway, the "TA" should always be used only with bounce. 
With regard to Watch Dog "WD", the "dog" † RIP † * insider * barks "by connect" to the gateway, but not bounce. 
I hope dev, the effect is still as described "by connect" sharp switches or change. Then things look quite different and even bouncing with active players quickly backfires: Mrgreen:
At this point, but in the end a few more words. 

-You have the compulsion, that is absolute PRIORITY is that you have to erase your IP !!! 
For this you have to plan about 4-6 s. Under bad performance also like a little longer. Currently it even happens that you delete the log over the entire time and can do nothing. But that happens very seldom, if I deduce that from my number of hacks on the incidents. The result can hurt. You are blacklisted! You lose reputation in doubt! The IP is at least once again in the log! Here then either the log deleter for the meager investment of 2.2 million hc or the probably equivalent variant of the time but at no cost, if you quickly in the guild one asks if he can delete the IP.

assumed hack time
- 2-3 s connection time into the gateway 
- 3 s PW crack 
- 2-3 s call the log and clear the IP 
- 2-4 s miner looten and disconneten 

time in the gateway: 4-7 s 

bounce connection


-Eur IP is not directly catchable by the target. 
The more bounce you use, the more time it takes the player to reach your IP. Calculates the above time each bounce accordingly high. I recommend you, always from an absolute top player, who plays tactically on the edge of perfection. With that you play it safe : Mrgreen:.

You really do not need to worry about IP erasing and can spend all your time on your project. It does not matter if you want to copy a worm, virus, transfile files into your gateway or refresh your list with new IPs. 

With the "TA" has the use of one or more bounce, the advantage that you may just want to look and not necessarily chop. This allows the "smaller players" in the "big ones" to look through the window. At least as far as your "TA"leaves : Mrgreen: 

assumed hack time
- 2-3 s connection time to the gateway 
- 3 s PW cracks 
- 2-4 s miner loosen and disconnect 

time in the gateway: 2-4 s 

retrace time per boune

Here I go from an active player online and reacting to his "WD" . 

1. bounce: 
- 2-3 s call firewall log and save IP * This point only counts once per trace! *
- 2-4 s IP select and connect 
- 3 s crack * Can also be higher with low Password Cracker PWC . 
- Call 2-5 s log, IP save and disconnect 

minimum about 9 s 

each additional boucne: 
- 2-4 s IP select 
- 3 s crack * Can also be higher with low password Cracker PWC . 
- call 2-5 s log, IP store and disconnect 

minimum about 7 s 


Your IP is visible in the first bounce longer and you must thus connect directly to this gateway then to delete the then TWO IPs. 
Do not underestimate the factor coincidence in this game. I have been in one and the same gateway with another hacker several times at the same time. 
Minimize the risk with a dead account, which is ideally used by no other hacker. 

How can you apply this practically? 

Basically, it is always advisable to go over bounce and thus to minimize the risk of leaks.
If you like it as I love you to sneak up on active players or you just take an IP leak, you can also connect directly. Note only the extra time to clear IP in the gateway. 

So that you do not run the risk of landing on the blacklist "Bl" at the beginning you should use the TA . However, since this shows only the Retrace time, you still lack the crack time for an exact value. Try to deduce at the beginning of players of comparable rep height.
I recommend to get you first IPs and up to the first IP change pain-free everything once to test and make your own experiences. Once you have a small supply of IPs, including some inactive and un-busy ones, you can start. 

You have your first experience in dealing with bounce and "TA" made and finally reached an acceptable credit in the 6-digit range. Then let's start something. 
Now come a few ways as your viruses are safely placed. The basic requirement is, of course, that you have to copy the time in the gateway of the target.
Here it is especially in the worms with 10 s pure copy time very closely partially. If you have access to the gateway with 12 seconds or less, I do not recommend you to place the virus. 
With 12 seconds it is still possible, if you are very fast with your fingers. 

Expiration in 12s 

You are in the gateway. Click on "files / etc / bin", one after the other, of course, and then on upload * down arrow *. 
As soon as the upload bar appears, click twice on "log". The first time clears the monitor and moves the bar over the trace time. Now you have time to clear ip, miner looten or whatever you want. 
I recommend to cut the connection at 1 s, that's close enough and the risk on "BL"to land and rep senselessly does not pay off. 

As a guild leader or co-leader, a special extension of bounce hacking, shadow hacking , is recommended right at the beginning . 
This is a collaboration of an offensive player with high "PWC" with a defensive player. 
The ingenious thing about this method is that even the best hacker in terms of retrace only needs a bounce. 
Make a bounce, of course an orphan and quiet IP. 
The Off is hacking into the gateway. 
Once the off is in the gateway, has deleted his IP and has not found a very fresh IP, the Def connects to its destination via the bounce.
As soon as the IP is visible, it will be deleted from the Off. 
So, as a leader and / or co-leader, you can play an aggressive style of play with an extremely high degree of security. 
Here is the higher probability that a player has also randomly connected and deleted before the off his in the gateway, as the actual goal of the leader sees the IP. 
Ideally, the IP is extinguished the moment it appears. The minimum technical scores would give you the same time to a bot for a period of 4-5 seconds or more to clear the IP of the leader. 

If you have a lot of time in the gateway, you can even continue to do transcations or manipulations in parallel. 
You can upload another worm.
You can download "DC" file or "DC" file. * "DC" = Datacenter
You can change the message.txt in the folder var. 
The transaction time of the executed actions was the same and has not doubled as for example the time of software upgrades. 

To date you would have to copy any malware to the target in etc / bin. An executen is not required. 

To attack a datacenter "DC" , you need a file from the leader or co-leader of a guild. This data can be found in the folder home / security. He always carries the day of the guild, which will be shown to you again in the entrance screen. 
Decrytet the file with the key and you can attack a guild with the help of the bot creator.
As soon as you have fed the creator with the IP, a new folder appears in which the bot is. Just place it in the known location of active players. Only one login activates the bots. 

Finally, as announced a few words to bounce, because unfortunately many misunderstand and pull your 9 or more hacks on a first bounce. 
The bounce uses her only ideal if you make the one hack, the bounce list then clears to the first bounce, you hack there and clears the two IPs. Also spreading the IP of a high rep player with the same stem to bounce can backfire quickly if you have pitch.
Consider also that just these players have a very decent stock of hc and draw the 2 million for aldi from the petty cash. In addition, an AI of 25 deletes over 40 log entries in any case. Let's say that you have to spend a lot of time spreading, at least 2-4 times a day. Everything underneath is barely noticeable. 
In addition, the TA and thus for you also the exclusivity of an IP should increase in value. 
The most valuable IP is that only YOU have. 
The best advantage for you is an advantage for you and not an alleged disadvantage of the other : Mrgreen:

Now you have all the basic information and can combine these different variants. 

Have fun and there is only one thing left to say.