[tutorial] the awakening part II - The ideal entry, apps, viruses, worms and application hints

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The beginning

The first time (about 1-2 days) you shouldn´t try to hack other gateways massivly.
You should focus upgrading the hardware as high as possible, especially the CPU. The basics of software and if you got that you are ready to hack. The first experiences you´ll get from tutorial missions. You learn to copy, to decrypt and edit files. Sounds more exciting now than it is but the effect if you copied a history deleter is funny : Mrgreen:
Until you've reached the 500 Rep, you shouldn´t hack very aggressively. Play in your little capsule and be like a ghost or a wight. If you maxed your hardware and you can start your very long trip out on the big world.

The first week should look like that.

Day I
Your are busy with upgrading all your hardware. To max all except the CPU is possible to reach.
Follow the mission and upgrade your Passwordcracke "PWC" to 2.0
If you got that upgrade your AI to 1.5 to decrease the update times a human level.
In case you´re running out of cash, I recommend you to invest the start Black Bits and buy a HC package.
If you finished upgrading the second PWC mission (upgrade to 3.0) and your CPU reached minimum level 20 (below that it´s like commit suicide), It´s time to start hacking very carefully. You should hack player with 100 Rep or less only.
If you are really good and under perfect conditions it´s possible to finish the first daily.

Day II
The important point is to max the CPU. Should be done at lunch time. Now you have the same hardware we all have and all what it is about ist the software... and skill of course.
Till day 7 I focused on upgrading the AI. During the night hit all upgrades and do not waste time.
You should feel a jump and hacking gets much more easier with max CPU. Now it´s time to start collecting HC very carefully. Push it step by step. At the beginning you can refer the strength of the player to the Rep. But you will recognise even that easly differences on same Rep.
The first daily of 100 hacks should be no problem anymore. Except you haven´t any time for sure. To reach the second daily of 200 miner you shouldn´t push it. To be save is more important. The crack times are quite long so it would take a lot of time. But to my mind it is possible on holyday/vacation or weekend.

You should finish the first daily every day. Safe the algorythms you got as reward. If you see the time increasing your AI do during the days, I guess you will know why you should keep them for later :mrgreen:
If you don´t reach the second daily, it´s no problem. Safety goes first, exspecially at the beginning. Use your noobs and log deleters carefully. They will delete 1 lost entry only at this point of your AI.

OK, your AI should be in the range of 5 - 5.5. Now I pushed this day the other software with single upgrade. Hit more software if you can´t hit the next update when it´s finished.
May you used the first days to make sure which class you like to continiue playing. But if not no problem, just try and test yourself in the different ways. The Virus Doc isn´t playable at this point fully. I mentioned the cause at Code Reassembler.

Day VIII and following ones
I recommend you to go on upgrading you AI to 10.0. Watch the upgrade times and if it makes more sence to upgrade some other like PWC t 5.0 cause of the long time of the AI, do it. Just don´t waste the time of your CPU and keep him working 24/7.
Every day the dailies getting more worthy for you. I would use the algos up to level 10 of the software.

The first priority you have is to be undetected and avoid beeing on BLACKLIST at all costs.

Your priority list should look like this!

  • !Don´t get blacklisted!
  • !Delete your IP!
  • Complete the mission.
  • Loote the miner.

As you can see there is no excuse for the first two points, apart from server or connection problems. Try the other two again 1 h later.
OK, a Fail of the first two points is repairable, but you have to pay 1.95 million HC. Yes, it is the AI Remote Log Deleter we are talking about. We call him short aldi to do not mix it with the virus log deleter. You might will surely see it in chat.

The periode you climbing to 1,000 Rep you should get a feeling when to connect with a bounce connectio and when to connect direct. Further details are already described in my hacking guide part I. If you handle all the stuff good you´ll reach the second free IP-changer with a minimum of IP distribution.
Having this 2 options you can hack aggressive. Pay attention to the time you can spend on the gateway.
Do you reach 12 seconds, you are able to use worms. This will reduce manual hacking and increase your safety. However, your IP list of active players schould be at least 40 or above. If your code Reassembler isn´t higher then 5.0 the Anti-Virus of the victim will detect and delete the malware.
So far you set the basics on software.

On the way to 1,500 Reputations, you should be able to identify the alignment. You should know who is hard to hack and who not. You've probably noticed that as the rep increases, the difficulty rating is less predictive. This is a result of the classification but most players level their Software equal.
This point makes you much superior to these players because you didn´t focuse on farming Rep yet. In addition, even the chosen specialization should get start workings and their possitive effects should be noticeable. Sadly, the defensive players need much more time to, but the best def players are the best cause of their own skill. Software doesn´t play that important role. You need a lot of patience and the cleverness to move through the gateways unrecognized. Even you are not responsible as a leader or co-leader yet, this exercise can not hurt you. Only if you go this way you will react instinctively when the critical moments will happen.

Now (1,500-1,700 Rep ) it's time to really test yourself. Gain your Reputation for a periode in an aggressive way from other hackers. Try to delay the first IP change for this periode if possible. A few hacks a day, whose damage (loss of HC and Rep) you can catch again, should not bother you much. Show activity and stay cool.

Currently I didn´t change the orientation values of the Rep from the further version. I assume, however, that the numbers will shift back by about 500. So do not be confused if you are slightly behind these values. Rather, on the contrary, the less you have in the first periode of hardware expansion, the better it is for you, because you do not need to share the HC.

On the way to more daily income, certainly you already opend the shop.app. Let's take a look at the first apps you need and/or their benefits to be your advantage.


Watch Dogs I recommend every player to use once the income is secured. It is theoretically even a loot protection for active players. Since the tool warns you at the beginning of cracking (experience from tests / as described in connect), you have to empty the miner in the worse case of reachable 4 sec. That protects yourself without beeing in a guild from robbing HC and Reputation.
You can be looted from a miner level of 1 % guildless or 3 % as a member of a guild only.
Especially this is important for offensive players and virus doctors*.

*more details in class guide

It´s important to recognise a otherwise unnoticed access and, if possible, to identify the attacker. Of course, this isn´t for def classes only.

If you see and/or hear the watchdog bark, you can also panic the attacker and maybe kill him 1.95 million HC. Delete the IP from the log before he sees it.
You ask yourself now, why should I do the work for him?
Yes, if you know the IP got delete it´s doing someones job. But if he hacks directly, everyone wants to delete his IP and he will certainly spend some time in the log and looking for the IP. Should he then disconnect the doubt remains. It could have been a lag and the IP is still deposited. In order to be absolutely sure, he will buy an aldi for 1.95 million HC from the shop.
The result of his attack looks like this at best for you.

  • You have a new IP.
  • You have lost nothing.
  • He could not copy anything because he was busy with the log : Mrgreen:
  • He spent another 1.95 million HC.
  • Ideally, he even gets blacklisted.

Psychologically, the attacker will think twice next time. Now it's just how much stamina / fortune the attacker has. Especially at the beginning you should show activity with leaked IP and keep the miners as permanently as possible "hot" (level <1 % or 3 %). Actually doing what you would do to prevent you from visiting a player again. Little to no success with the miner is certainly no disadvantage.

Viruses and worms

It's time to write a separate part for the virtual vermin : Mrgreen:

Basically, any malware to be copied to victims etc/bin and has an expiration time that starts ticking by purchase.
Every virus has a triggering momentum, you should keep in mind too. Only the knowledge of these details allows you to use the virus correctly.
A log deleter on a dead account, which you abused as a first bounce and think your IPs delete by themselves, is a big fail.

The shop will show you two different types of viruses. The visible with the blue Biohazard symbol and the invisible with the orange Biohazard symbol.

The log deleter deletes the connection log of the victim.
A pretty simple function.
Trigger: Login of the victim
The pure copy time is 10 s.

The history deleter deletes the saved IP list of the victim.
You see the difference between the species now, because it is duplicated.
This effect is very annoying at first but since the IP's of the active players change very fast anyway, it's only half as destructive when you get one the first few days.
Trigger: Login of the victim
The pure copy time is 10 s.

The Worm steals 7 % or 14 % of the miner's loot of the target baout a period of 5 or 14 days.
Only the loot of the player himself and no other hackers loot counts. Theirefore copy them on active player gateways for a maximum benefit. The limit sets the anti-virus from the perspective of the defender or the code Reassambler from the perspective of the attacker. A further lock is set by the system itself. There is a maximum of 10 copies of each worm per folder.
Trigger: the victim loots his/her miner
The pure copy time is 10 s.

The Wanna Cry Worm is basically a worm that steals 5 % of the miner's loot of the target about a period of 10 days, but with a special feature. The spread of the virus is simplified and guild leaders and co-leaders are able to get the needed HC without taking a big risk.
The Wanna automatically copies itself to the attacking hacker. This is a snowball effect, which should reach almost all players at ideal decay. The limit here is the anti-virus from the perspective of the defender or the code Reassambler from the perspective of the attacker.
A further lock is set by the system itself. There is a maximum of 11 copies of the Wanna Cry Worms per folder. It does not matter if it is a transmitted copy or a directly transplanted virus. A direct self-infection from the own gateway is blocked by Dev.
Do not worry, read this paragraph several times in doubt, because there is still a way to immunize : Mrgreen:
Trigger I: the victim loots the miner
Trigger II: someone connects to the gateway
The pure copy time is 10 s.

That are the pure facts about available the tools. Let's dive into the practical doing.

Any malware is related to Code Reassambler and Anti Virus (see part I). You should be able to estimate yourself if you have enough victims who do not catch your virus on the first scan. The success is rather low to nonexistent below a CR of 5.0.
You know how fast you got your software to 3.0. Use the Reputation at the beginning to guess the approximate state of the software. As soon as the Code reassembler is 10.0 and higher, you can slowly start to think about buying a Wanna Cry. Ideally, you were lucky and receive one of the worms from a unique or epic package. Use this chance feel about the worms income.

Remember at the beginning you have to invest a lot to get a decent income. Gifts kinda rare. In most cases by an error of the opponent. Despite everything, you should face you will not receive millions with 10 clicks.
Try to calculate yourself and estimate how much money a player can bring you. You will realize that there are already a few players, until you got repay the prices from the shop.
Certainly, luck is part of the game as well, but in case of doubt, luck can be enforced to some extent.

Patience, stamina and a cool head should be acquired very quickly or come as close to these as your Naturell permits. The code of a program does not only consist of 150 characters, so why should we expect it to be made easy for us?

Now you have almost all information about what you have already encountered. I recommend you to ignore everything you have already seen. These are for further actions. You still need more practise and experience. If you know the many small facts from both parts, you will certainly get the benefits.

Have you already reached this point?
Ok then you should look up the next part : Mrgreen: